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The Perio Hygienist Podcast

“This is the Perio Hygienist Podcast – a podcast centered on the intersection between the specialty of Periodontics and the profession of Dental Hygiene…”

The purpose of this podcast, written and produced by a periodontist with unique subject matter expertise, is to simplify care and enable the smooth and comfortable transfer of patients between the providers. Because everyone finally knows and understands the problems and challenges from the perspective of the others involved, the quality of patient care can improve profoundly. This can result in more case sharing, more patient satisfaction and less operator frustration.

Jun 21, 2022

The summer is rolling along. We in Texas are living in the heat, and most of the world is doing the same, regardless the temperature out anyone’s door. People are feeling the heat of climbing prices, disruption of supply chains, and a whole lot more. Because things are unstable in so many ways right now, one of my...